Product Care

Expert artisans work with premium materials, all our products are 100 % handcrafted. Due to our variety of materials and the use of different techniques, we recommend avoiding high humidity, rain and long direct exposure to sunlight.

Cleaning of your product

  • Spot Treat with mild soap and water. 
  • Velvet and faux fur must be professionally cleaned


Thank you for your purchase of a unique, hand-crafted TAMBONITA bag. Due to the nature of the materials, each bag may vary according to the individuals hand work and personal touch, making each bag unique in its own final outcome. Upon completion, every bag goes through a quality assurance test and is held to the highest standards, if you do find a reason for concern please email:

Include photos and a description of the issue that may have occurred to your item of purchase. We will gladly fix or justify the problem and guarantee our efforts to keep you a satisfied customer.